Graphic Design for Strata Documents

As strata president for many years, Petra saw the need of better communication between strata management and residents. Over the years she has created many strata documents and posters to better inform and control what’s happening in the building she shares with other tenants.

Petra began with basic information posters regarding everyday issues such as

  • Garbage disposal/dumping
  •  Recycling instructions
  •  Damages/breakages to the building

Many of the documents are available over my shutterstock and adobe stock portfolio

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emergency plan poster strata

Experiencing some success with her graphic interventions, Petra continued to identify and organize a number of areas around the building for the benefit of new and existing residents.

  • New Resident Welcome Pack
    Available to every new resident, a useful information package outlining rules and regulations.
  • Emergency placards / evacuation plans
    The 5 different floor plans have been redrawn and beautified in Adobe Illustrator
  • Emergency strata contact poster & business card
    Posters are hung in key areas of the building for the convenience of residents and contractors. Business cards containing the same information are also available in the lobby.
  • Garbage and recycling regulation poster
    Since this regulation poster for the garbage room and recycling area was installed, these areas have been free of dumping and incorrectly placed items.
  • Bylaw infraction carbon tickets
    A must have for every strata! … These tickets stop bylaw infractions immediately.

If you are a strata management company, a strata council or an offsite caretaker and in need of strata documents, contact