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This is a complete overhaul of a management consulting company website. Many years ago, we made the first version. As time passes by, the general look of websites has changed. Many new and exciting technical advancements in webdesign and website maintaining have been made in the past few years. Visual composer rocks!

The new consulting website features a mobile first design. In 2019, Google has announced to give preference to responsive websites and also starting mobile-first indexing. This is specifically important for search engine results. Of course the responsive settings are fine tuned to look great in all other sizes and devices as well.

The content changed from a one-page design to about ~30 pages. This is much better for SEO and general analytics. Workshops, business articles and testimonials live in their own environemnt and can be displayed in many ways all over the website.

Check out the page live.

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Management Consulting Company Web Design Portfolio

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