We have website package deals for your business or project.

A Vancouver based web design team with years of experience in creating stunning and mobile-first websites. We offer a variety of website package deals for just about any project you might have.

Even with choosing a specific package, you can customize and add what you need to the website package deals. Price varies.

We offer a variety of website design and website-related services.

If you don’t see what you need, send us an email.
Web Design
We design and custom-build responsive WordPress websites for your specific project or brand.
Revolution Slider
Add life to your website! Custom hero sections and beautiful sliders with animations and interactive content.
Visual Composer
We are experts in using the drag & drop website builder. Our customers love the easy use!
WooCommerce Shop
Setup of online webstores with different currencies, taxes, products and complex product settings and selections.
Web Development
Custom builds, plugins changes & plugin creation, database, website moves, hack attack fixes.
Web Hosting
We have hosting packages for small and large websites available. Ask us for a quote.
Secure WordPress
Protect your website! Check out the package deals for your maximum WordPress site protection.
Website Maintenance Program
We check and apply necessary security updates daily. And run the rest of the updates monthly.

Website Package Deals & Prices

We customize all website packages and prices to your specific need. Add a logo development package, web hosting, plugin setup or specific coding functions. You got it!


Website Package

✔ Design and content consultation

✔ 1 professional website

✔ Up to 5 single pages

✔ WordPress theme license

✔ Basic Yoast Seo installation

✔ 1 hours revisions


Website Package

✔ Design and content consultation

✔ 1 professional website

✔ Up to 20 single pages

✔ WordPress theme license

✔ Basic Yoast Seo installation

✔ 3 hours revisions


Website Package

✔ Design and content consultation

✔ 1 professional website

✔ Unlimited single pages

✔ WordPress theme license

✔ Any plugin setup

✔ Basic Yoast Seo installation

✔ Unlimited hours revisions

Two specialist, one price.

A brother and sister team, born, raised and educated in Switzerland.

Owner Petra Richli is a freelance graphic designer located in Vancouver. She brings close to 20 years of professional expertise in print, web, 3D design and photography to all projects.

Beat Richli is a developer located in Switzerland and has worked as an application and database engineer for 20 plus years.

Fluent in English, Swiss-German, German & Spanish.


+300 responsive websites

We guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your new website. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Your website reflects your company, your products, your services and your brand.

First impressions are everything. Your potential customer judges your website or product in 15 seconds or less.

The start page specifically should be well designed and without flaws. It is the most viewed page on websites. All important information should be placed in easy recognizable sections. Short texts with action buttons and beautiful images on topic is a must.

Let us help you look the best.

Frequent asked questions

All you need to know about our website package deals and website design process.
  • Small Website Package & Small Business Website Package
    Within 4 weeks after receiving all necessary content.
  • Customized Website Package
    Accordingly to the schedule in our discussed agreement before work starts.
Always possible!
  • Small Website Package & Small Business Website Package
    Expedited within 2 weeks after receiving all necessary content + 300 CAD.
  • Customized Website Package
    It depends on the project and deadlines.

All Prices are exclusive GST. GST applies to all Canadian clients.

  • Small Website Package & Small Business Website Package
    We require a deposit of 50%.
    Final payment, 10 days after finishing work
  • Customized Website Package
    Accordingly to the payment schedule in our discussed Agreement before work starts.
  • Payments
    Via Bank wire, Paypal or Credit card.
    Charges/fees associated with the transaction are on you.

We offer a wide range of hosting packages. Let’s chat.

Please follow this link to read our complete Terms & Conditions

Website development process
  1. Client consultation. Per email, phone or virtual meeting software
  2. Quote with the payment schedule.
  3. Deposit 50%. Paid per etransfer, bank transfer, check or cash.
  4. (The custom package deposit amount is defined in the quote and payment schedule.)
  5. Client delivery of all text. If available images and the logo 
  6. Website design starts at a temporary server location.
    The current client website is untouched until the new website is ready to be published.
  7. First client view of 1-3 pages and ready for comments. This version is not in any way complete in design. It’s a draft version of the general feel of the new website to discuss the general direction and what changes to implement.
  8. Design and add the rest of the content. Implement the discussed changes and complete the website.
  9. Complete text and content review by the client.
    >>Petrarichli.com is not responsible for spellchecking, fact-checking or any text-related errors. 
  10. Go Live! We transfer the finalized website to the correct hosting/domain.
    It’s common to do minor revisions on the website in the first 2 days.
  11. Final payment. No later than 10 days after going live.
The client is responsible for providing the entire text content of the website.

80% of the text must be delivered by the client before starting with the website design. 

We draw inspiration from the delivered text for the design and layout of the website. And text is placed in readable blocks and sections with images.

It is normal to adjust some text blocks. But too many text changes will be outside of the project scope.

Many times we may even recommend adding some more text in certain areas. 

The text content is the sole responsibility of the client.

First things first:
EVERY image is owned by someone

Sure, back in the days this did not matter. But, the law and technology have caught up in terms of image copyright for several years now. On two occasions clients received fines for images used on their website.

All image copyrights must be clear.

  • Client delivered images are either personally made, made by a photographer or bought/licensed from stock sites.
  • If petrarichli.com supplies images and assets, they are either custom made or bought/licensed from stock sites

In most cases an image cost around $10 USD or less.
That beats the $2000 USD fine plus, lawyer cost and stress as single small images can cause.


Some common misconceptions:

  • “I just take the image down if there is a problem.”
    That’s not how it works. If you receive a copyright infraction letter, it’s already too late for that. You have to deal with the pricy lawyers, fines and… taking down the content.
  • I got the image from “free open source websites”.
    Truly… don’t do it. It’s Russian roulette. It’s how one of my clients got a $2000 USD fine.
    – In many cases operators of free open source websites are not checking for copyright infractions of the uploaded content.
    – In most cases, the “free” use is extremely limited and does not apply to the planned usage.
    – Proof of “free use” evaporates, when the open-source website is no longer online.
  • “I found it on google.”
    Ya….. uhhhm…no!
    Everything google shows is the property of someone.
Short answer: yes!

Our websites are mostly built with the “visual composer”. It’s a simple drag & drop tool.

How much a client can change highly depends on their technical knowledge.

  • Text changes: Many of our clients do minor text changes on their own.
  • Image changes: Depends on the location and usage of the image.
  • It’s tricky in terms of file format, pixel sizes and how they behave on different resolutions and devices.
  • Slider images or background images are best changed by us. They need an advanced understanding of how responsive web design works.
  • Menu changes: Best done by a professional.

In most cases, website changes happen in an organic way between petrarichli.com and our clients.

Book a “1-hour instruction session” with Petra.

Support contracts are available

Of course! We charge by the hour or on an agreed package deal.

For website security, we strongly recommend joining our “Website Maintenance Program”

WordPress is extremely popular for websites. With popularity comes a massive target for hackers. Hackers use security holes in not updated plugins, themes and WordPress version.

We check and apply necessary security updates daily. And run the rest of the updates monthly.

Logo Development Service

Get a professional logo designed!

Present your brand, business or product in the best way. The logo package includes multiple formats for print and web.

Freelance Graphic Designer for Print

Print and online advertising

Expand your customer base with beautifully compelling designs: social media banners, flyers, brochures, posters, business cards etc.

Vancouver Product Photographer

Professional product images

Get properly lit product images with pure white background. And boost your eCommerce sales on amazon, webshops, Shopify, catalogues, social media marketing or advertising assets.

Petra Richli - Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver

We offer a wide range of Web and Graphic Design related Services.

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