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What is the price for a professionally created logo?

Designing a small visual representation of an entire company can be a daunting task, but if the process is done correctly, a logo can be a very effective marketing device.

Final logo package includes a variety of file types

  • EPS and PDF for print
  • JPG and PNG in different sizes for web use
  • Possible with and without tagline
  • Possible positive/negative version

Note Prices may vary.
Client consultation is required to understand full scope required.

Simple Logo

300 CAD plus GST

includes a maximum of 3 individual logo drafts

2 rounds of client feedback and adjustments


600 CAD plus GST

includes a maximum of 6 individual logo drafts

4 rounds of client feedback and adjustments

What are the steps of a successful logo design process?

Step 1: logo consultation with the client

The key to logo development is to ask as many questions as possible, such as,
what is the gender or age group of your clients, text content, any taglines, your industry, specific colors, fonts, etc.

Step 2: research & inspiration

We research your competition and your target market(s). Inspiration might come from a clients comment or a feel for the company.

logo designer vancouver, logo development presentation

Step 3: logo drafts

Digital implementation is usually executed using Adobe Illustrator, a vector based drawing program. 3-4 logo drafts with different fonts will ultimately lead to a more effective final product.

Step 4: feedback and version review

Logo drafts will be submitted for feedback. Often a logo is selected, but in some cases, it takes 1-2 more rounds of adjustments to find the logo perfect fit.

Step 5: finalizing logo and delivery

Once you are happy a variety of file types will be shared, such as,
EPS and PDF for print, JPG and PNG in different sizes for web use, logos with and without tagline along with positive/negative versions.

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